Onboarding Your New Hires: Leverage the Potential of AI to Enhance Their Experience and Retention

Marcia Zidle


About the Webinar

In today’s fast-paced business world, employee onboarding is more critical than ever before. It can make or break an organization’s success in retaining new hires and ensuring their productivity. It’s when new employees are introduced to the company’s culture, values, and policies. It’s also the time when they’re trained in the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their new role. This is why it’s important to have a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

With the help of AI-powered software, the onboarding process can be streamlined, personalized, and made more efficient.  Some of the benefits of implementing AI in this process include expediting document exchanging, allowing onboarding to happen 24/7, eliminating mistakes, streamlining administrative tasks, customizing the experience for each new hire, obtaining employee feedback, creating a more engaging onboarding experience for all your new hires, and so much more.

Therefore, updating your onboarding program can mean the difference between retaining top employees or watching them walk out the door after several months or even weeks. Companies who implement an effective onboarding program during the first three months of the new hire’s employment will experience a 50% greater retention; a 54% increase in productivity; and a 59% higher engagement than those who don’t according to the Aberdeen Group.

Is your organization ready to learn more about the best onboarding practices for your new hires and how AI can save a great deal of time and effort for your managers and human resources? If so, have them register for this webinar.


Session Highlights:
Robust onboarding programs help your new talent have a positive, affirming onboarding experience and deter them from leaving for greener pastures. The learning objectives are:

  • Identify the opportunities and challenges of utilizing AI-powered software in your onboarding process.
  • Review 7 examples of how AI can more effectively orientate new employees, get them quickly engaged and productive in their new roles.
  • Understand how AI can help managers and Human Resources focus less on tedious tasks and more on meaningful interactions with new employees.
  • Identify the building blocks of an effective onboarding program: The 4’Cs: compliance, clarification, culture, connections.
  • Review a toolbox of five best practices, with real-world examples, for implementing a highly successful onboarding program in your organization.
  • Learn how remotely or hybrid onboarding can build connections and communication to get everyone on the same page.
  • Don’t keep them in the dark. Know the 5 key questions every new employee wants answered and how to respond to enhance their engagement.


Why You Should Attend:

You have made your decision about whom to hire.  You’ve gotten them excited about their new job. You’re excited about what they can bring to your team. Now what?

Onboarding is important because it introduces the new hire to the company’s culture and expectations as well as your department’s goals and key priorities. In addition, onboarding gives the employee the vital training and information needed to succeed in their new position. The sooner your new hires start feeling part of your team or department, the sooner they will start contributing at full capacity. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides you simple, innovative ways to help new hires quickly learn the performance expectations of their new job; align their personal goals with that of the team; and integrate into your workplace culture. It can also create a personalized learning and onboarding journey for each of your hires as well as track their progress. Instead of a one-size- fits-all approach, each team member can receive customized training based on their skill level and role requirements. This personalized approach can help new hires feel more engaged, valued, and motivated from the very beginning.

It makes the new hire, as well as the manager, confident they made the right choice and confident they can succeed in their new job. Also, a new hire’s compatibility or culture fit will likely be determined during the onboarding process. This can save you, the manager, from a prolonged investment of your time and money in the wrong person.  It becomes a win-win for everyone.



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Onboarding Your New Hires: Leverage the Potential of AI to Enhance Their Experience and Retention