Preparing for a payroll tax audit – Supayroll tax auditrvive with an A grade!

Mark Schwartz


About the Webinar

Whether it is an internal audit, an external audit, a State or Federal Tax Audit, or a simple review of your system, audits are a part of doing business. The stakes are highest with a third party audit, so why not be prepared? Take this advice from a payroll auditor with over 10 years experience. You can review your system and be prepared for any eventuality. Mark will update you on the latest from the IRS about payroll tax audit focus. He will also advise you on what records you need, how to be interviewed, how to prepare staff, and much much more.

Session Highlights:

  • Types of audits you face as an employer
  • The IRS’ directives to auditors on what to focus on in payroll audits
  • Consultant’s experience in the trenches of over 200 payroll tax audits
  • How the IRS determines issues for your company
  • Penalties and how to minimize/avoid them
  • Responsible parties
  • How to conduct yourself if you are audited.


Why You Should Attend?

The best offense, they say, is a good defense. In payroll tax administration, this means evaluating your practices against the laws and regulations governing them. Most automated payroll systems get the numbers right when it comes to gross wages and withholdings. The problems come with decisions such as use if independent contractors, payments that don’t go through payroll, when overtime pay is due, and other areas where the law is not clearly defined.

If you review your procedures thoughtfully, you won’t have to fear what so many do  –  a Federal or State audit. Mark Schwartz has over 10 years of experience as both an auditor for the State of California, and as a consultant to small and large employers. In this webinar, Mark will help you evaluate and adjust you payroll operations to minimize exposure in an audit.

Who Should Attend?

  • Payroll Managers and staff.
  • Financial auditors and management.
  • HR managers and staff.
  • Accountants and IT personnel.

Preparing for a payroll tax audit – Supayroll tax auditrvive with an A grade!